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Our goal is to create meaningful and unforgettable events, keep history alive and fun as well as promote and support small businesses.
Wishing you a blessed day

Marianne Rosato


Events & An App


In 2011, I was doing business development at local community bank and became deeply involved in the community. What began as an opportunity to share the love of art & music while building community, blossomed into finding my passion...creating events, promoting community and watching people have a great time. That was what I loved about being on the Board for Lambertville New Hope WinterFestival. Thats what we did. We created events that bought people & into town during a slow period and raised $ for local organizations. While on the board,  I created multiple events for the Lambertville New Hope Winter Festival. There was so much to learn but each year the events got better and I'm proud to say 3 of my events were festival favorites that brought thousands into our community. In 2016 I left banking and began Mountaintop Marketing & Events and started offering The Revolutionary Pub Crawl, The Magical Musical Pub Crawl as well as themed dinner events throughout the year. 

In January 2020 MTMarketing was expanding to Easton Pa & Doyelstown PA and had events scheduled from April through November. In March covid hit and all our events were canceled. Life took a turn & a twist but the events are back. 

RevolutionaryCrawlsandEvents.Com is continuing the tradition of creating unforgettable events & keeping history alive & fun.


Be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram to stay updated on future events. 

Community App
In 2016 it became apparent that there was a need for locals, visitors and businesses to be that connected to all the river towns offered in one easy to access platform became apparent. After a year of hard work, the idea became a reality. On February 20th 2017 the Lambertville New Hope App went live on Apple & Google. With tens of thousands of downloads and hundreds of daily users, the Lambertville New Hope App is a tap away from where to go, what to do and how to get there. 

They are very efficient and organized when it comes to an event like the Revolutionary pub craw. I got far more than anticipated. True Historians, great sights to drink our Beverages, entertainment, Tee Shirts, Food, Good people, and a Fun time. -Jackie Violet Polin Brown


They kept the communication going about tickets, locations, and time...what a great time we had on the July 2019 pub crawl. It was amazing & so well organized! Everything was great....the reenactors, the food, and drinks! We have told many people about it. Again, Thanks for a great time and we look forward to doing another of your events in the future. Cheers! Cheryl

The pub crawl was wonderful, and we had a great time. Thank you and your team for all your hard work. The historical figures were all excellent....GW and BF really presented well and engaged us afterward while remaining in character. - Carmen

Our group had a great time at the crawl! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for doing a fabulous job organizing! -Louise Hesson 

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